Hotels in Cambria

Our oceanfront hotels in Cambria are situated along Moonstone Beach Drive, across from Moonstone Beach and Moonstone Beach Boardwalk. The Cambria Inns Collection is a family-owned and operated business. We accommodate all kinds of travelers with our four oceanfront Cambria hotels. Moonstone Beach is home to many Cambria hotels, and the Cambria Inns Collection hotels are among the top-rated on TripAdvisor.

Families with small children will love our budget-friendly Castle Inn, with a heated pool and large lawn for enjoying the sunset or playing some bean bag toss. For travelers searching for a more romantic getaway, Blue Dolphin Inn is our upscale boutique Inn with beautiful coastal decor for a relaxing escape. If you want something really unique and totally private, you will want to check out Moonstone Cottages, 3 freestanding cottages with amazing views and each is individually decorated with a beach-related theme. Sand Pebbles Inn is our midscale boutique property, perfect for a weekend getaway with friends or family, with some of the best views along Moonstone Beach.

Blue Dolphin exterior

Blue Dolphin Inn

Blue Dolphin Inn is a top-rated Cambria hotels for many reasons. The quiet sophistication of our upscale boutique hotel and the soothing colors of the sea make Blue Dolphin Inn a favorite of Cambria hotels on Moonstone Beach Drive and in all of Cambria. Guests enjoy luxuriating in the comforts of our well-appointed rooms and our amazing proximity to Moonstone Beach. We took extra care in selecting the furnishings and bedding to ensure a great night’s sleep. From the incredibly comfortable mattresses to our super soft sheets and pillows, we’ve created a true VIP experience. We want to ensure your stay in Cambria is special. Click here to book.

Sand Pebbles exterior

Sand Pebbles Inn

Sand Pebbles Inn is our midscale boutique property and the perfect place for a relaxing getaway with friends or family. The casual comfort and beachy style create an ambiance that brings the serenity of the beach inside. The soft sandy color palette and oceanic treasures are dotted throughout. Moonstone Beach is just across the road, filled with new treasures to discover.  All of the rooms at Sand Pebbles Inn have comfortable mattresses, quality linens and bedding, and our custom amenities. We also have a huge collection of games and movie titles to select from. Click here to book.

Cambria Hotels - Moonstone Cottages

Moonstone Cottages

There is something so completely unique and special about staying in your own private cottage at the beach. Moonstone Cottages is one-of-a-kind when it comes to Cambria hotels. The 3 freestanding cottages have all been given their own personalities and individual decor. The privacy and the views make Moonstone Cottages a favorite for special occasions, honeymoons, anniversaries or anytime you seek respite. The cottages are nestled into a cypress grove and each has been designed to maximize the views. Some guests choose the same cottage each time and think of it as their personal beach house! You’ll want to try each one to decide your favorite. Click here to book.

Castle Inn

Families traveling to Cambria need look no further, our newly renovated Castle Inn is the perfect Cambria hotel for families with small children. The heated swimming pool and jacuzzi have great views of the ocean, and the large green lawn is perfect for a game of cornhole. Grab one of the iconic Adirondack chairs and relax while the kids play and you enjoy the views. Castle Inn was one of the original motels on Moonstone Beach. It remains a favorite with families its the proximity to the beach. Leffingwell Park and the tide pools, teeming with sea life for the kids to watch, are just across Moonstone Drive. Click here to book.

Things to Do in Cambria

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Cambria is a coastal community located 35 miles north of San Luis Obispo and 6 miles south of Hearst Castle. We are the midway point between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The weather is generally mild and there is no smog…the ocean breezes and the pine and eucalyptus trees refresh the air. It smells great! There is occasionally some seasonal fog along the coast. If you’re craving warmer temps, a short drive is the perfect mini-day trip to temps up to 40 degrees warmer. Bring light layers in case the coastal fog rolls in or the night is chilled by ocean breezes. With year-round temps ranging from 50s to 70s, Cambria’s a perfect destination any time you need a relaxing escape.

Stroll the streets of Cambria, a charming village with a full time population around 6,500. The town is teeming with culture and shops; you’ll find crafts and wares you won’t find anywhere else. Drawn by the stunning beauty, serenity, and mild oceanside climate, artists of all disciplines have found their way to Cambria and settled into this creative community. Our community includes writers and actors, woodworkers, glassblowers, musicians, singers, songwriters and more. This eclectic concentration of talent brings galleries, workshops, antique and specialty shops to the village. Many visitors do all of their holiday shopping here because they find unique gifts that support independent businesses. The free and easy parking with everything close by and walkable makes it all so much fun.

Explore Cambria

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The village of Cambria is close and there are many great places to shop and enjoy original arts and crafts.  There are also plenty of tasty dining options in the village. But for our Cambria hotels on Moonstone Beach, we have two great ocean view restaurants within walking distance. The Sea Chest Oyster Bar & Restaurant is a popular favorite with travelers and locals and if seafood is what you are craving, this is a seafood only restaurant. If you would like to dine outside on the patio, Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill is the perfect setting for a Sunday brunch or any day for lunch and sunsets are stunning.

For the physically active, there are endless opportunities for exploring the ocean. Kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or surf the Pacific for a memorable outing. Or walk among the pines with views of the ocean at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. The Preserve offers over 400 acres of hiking, biking, and walking trails to discover. If you are looking for a milder outdoors experience, the beach is right across the road. Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a mile-long wooden boardwalk where you will meet some very friendly squirrels. You can visit our local garden shops and nurseries for some great garden collectibles and drought tolerant plants. Or stroll the length of Main Street and just pop in to wherever catches your fancy…Cambria offers plenty of fun for those ready to explore.

History of Cambria

Cambria started as a fishing and quicksilver mining town. In 1958, when Hearst Castle opened to the public, Cambria came into its own as a popular tourist destination. Today, the pine covered hills and rugged shoreline attracts tourists and Californians looking for a new discovery. The town is home to artists and musicians. The creative spirit resonates throughout the village of Cambria. The locals reference East and West Village, but to a visitor it’s all Cambria’s Main Street! But not too long ago, there were no businesses or sidewalks that connected the two sides of town. Visitors often missed half of the village! The West Village is closest to the Cambria hotels on Moonstone Beach Drive. It includes some of our favorite dining spots like Madeline’s and wine tasting like Black Hand Cellars.

Cambria Historic Museum

There are many stories of how the town got its name. The one we hear the most is that a committee member thought it reminded them of the woodsy mining area they came from in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, named after a Welsh town. The only thing more controversial among the locals is the proper pronunciation of Cambria. Most locals prefer Cam-Bree-Uh as the pronunciation. Some old-timers say that was a name for a new development and the real way to say it is Came-Bree-Uh.

Historic Buildings & Cambria Museum

The East Village has a number of interesting buildings remaining from Cambria’s early days. Check out the Old Santa Rosa Church, Squibb-Darke house, and Guthrie-Bianchini House – now the Cambria Historical Museum. The Cambria Historical Society’s museum is in the fully restored historic home at 2251 Center Street, and is worth a visit. Here, discover moving displays of The Building of Highway One, The Great Fire of 1889 that destroyed most of the town, and The Sinking of the S.S. Montebello in 1941 off Cambria shores – a little-reported event that happened just days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Stop in and check out the old photos and see how little Cambria has changed in all these years. You’ll hear the history of how we became known as Cambria from our former incarnations as Santa Rosa, Rosaville, San Simeon, and Slabtown!