H1DR History & Heritage Trail

Along the Central Coast’s famed Highway 1 you’ll find a treasure trove of sights worth exploring. However, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the historical aspect of such places. Thanks to the Highway 1 Discovery Route’s newly formed History and Heritage Trail, visitors can not only discover but help preserve this collection of landmarks and points of interest, offering a closer look at their historical roots and significance.


Explore the Trail

people walking on pier

The History and Heritage Trail consists of sites that are at least 100 years or older. The trail is a chance to step back in time to imagine what life was like in the coastal communities of San Luis Obispo County during their earlier days. First, download the map to help you on your journey. Then visit such places as the historic San Luis lighthouse on the rocky point while contemplating how many dedicated keepers once lived there. Stand on the San Simeon pier and think of the people who built it. Finally, take a peek at the tiny, one-room jail known as Hoosegow, constructed in 1910, while wondering about the men once confined to its concrete walls.

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The Heritage Trail also offers opportunities to walk and tour right in the heart of Cambria. This includes the self-guided walking tour through Cambria’s historic structures that date back to the 1860s. This also includes the Santa Rosa Chapel and Cambria Cemetery, established in the 1800s and surrounded by the largest Monterey Pines in all of California.


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Stewardship Travel

Most sites are open for visitors during specific hours, but several can be viewed and visited day or night. It’s because these historical places have been protected over the years that visitors are still able to experience the rich history of the Central Coast. So then why not join the “feel good and do good” movement by becoming a prime example of a Stewardship Traveler yourself? As a Stewardship Traveler, you can contribute in various ways to connect to and preserve these special heritage sites. Whether that means picking up litter, staying on designated trails to leave wildlife alone and/or donating funds to aid in preservation efforts.


The History and Heritage Trail is a chance to experience the places, cultures and stories of this varied region. With so much to see, we recommend making Cambria your home base. The Cambria Inns Collection offers your choice of hotels in Cambria, including Blue Dolphin Inn, Sand Pebbles Inn, Moonstone Cottages and Castle Inn. All located along the picturesque Moonstone Beach in Cambria, the Cambria Inns Collection of hotels offer the best in comfort and convenience.

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