The Best Time to Visit Cambria? You May Be Surprised…

For most, a coastal vacation goes hand in hand with the summer months. But why wait until June to visit the Central Coast, when there is so much to enjoy in Cambria during the winter months? In fact, it’s a little-known secret that winter is one of the best times to visit this charming coastal town. Here’s why:

1. The Greenery

With Spring approaching and with the occasional rains, the coastal hills turn a magnificent green. With the rain also comes the wildflowers – giant swaths of color pepper the verdant hills each spring. The sight is truly breathtaking.

2. The Babies

Elephant seals are having babies and they are adorable. Late winter is definitely the best time of the year to see the colony of seals. Be sure to visit the San Simeon elephant seal rookery on your next visit to Cambria to see the delightful babies for yourself.

3. The Twilight Tours

Hearst Castle is a must-see no matter when you visit Cambria, but the winter months in particular are a great time to visit because of the special Twilight Tours that are available, where you’ll get to experience the fascinating history of the castle in a whole new way.

4. The Weather

cambria5 mysto trees (Tada's conflicted copy 2014-01-27)While the weather during the late winter months is still typically sunny, the early mornings can offer ocean fog and rain, that envelop the village of Cambria in a magical, soft grey cloud. The occasional rains also offer excellent opportunities to storm watch or a walk along the beach in the rain. The rain over the ocean is truly something you must experience to fully appreciate.


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